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Does Anyone Know of a No-Cost Christian Treatment Center for Teens?

Question by shaly777: Does anyone know of a no-cost Christian treatment center for teens?
Somewhere in Texas or close to Texas. Looking for a place that is Bible-based for a teen (female) on drugs. Something residential. Anybody know of anything? THANK YOU!

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Answer by Karenita EWTN ((Allecat))
nothing comes to mind but i’ll be happy to look on the internet and pray for this young woman who’s struggling with drugs.

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Substance abuse clinic set fro Madison Heights removes zoning application

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What Are the Different Kinds of Drug Treatment Programs?

Question by dolores df: What are the different kinds of drug treatment programs?
I would just like to know what they’re called. Just out of curiosity, that is.

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Answer by blair *
Well, it really depends upon the drug rehab or treatment center. I guess you’d have to contact them to know what kind of program they are offering. To appease your curiosity, though, here are some kinds of treatment programs: Narcotic Antagonist Treatment Using Naltrexone, Agonist Maintenance Treatments, Short-Term Residential Programs, Outpatient Drug-Free Treatment, Long-Term Residential Treatment, Medical Detoxification and Treating Criminal Justice-Involved Drug Abusers and Addicts.

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3 apply to fill Eureka City Council seat: Mayor expects to make recommendation

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He wrote in his application that the biggest challenges facing Eureka include hiring a new city manager, and being more effective in addressing crime, the homeless population and illegal drug use. Albin is a lifelong Humboldt County resident and has …
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Why Does It Make Sense to Put People in Prison for Drug Offenses So They Can Learn to Be Better Criminals?

Question by No Mas Republicano: Why does it make sense to put people in prison for drug offenses so they can learn to be better criminals?
And possibly become racists and gang-bangers because they have to in order to survive in prison. Is that what we want them to learn?

Shouldn’t they be forced into a drug rehab facility instead?

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Answer by THE Republican
Ok it’s official. We will let all the prisons open and let all the criminals go frocklicking through the field of daisies onto American playgrounds. What a sick liberalalala land.

Drug Treatment Center in Texas


Drug Treatment Center In Texas – – Texas drug rehab is in deed a service needed by far too many people. In fact, thousands of Texas citizens find themselves l…


Drug treatment center coming to Hoquiam

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HOQUIAM, Wash. – A drug treatment center could be open soon in Hoquiam. Director of Grays Harbor County Public Health department Joan Brewster spoke to the city council at their meeting "I'm here tonight to say that I think we have a very serious …
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David Essel “Hoops for Homeless Veterans” Fundraiser for SWFAS


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Local Humane Societies Encourage Adoption On National Dog Day

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Bridgeport City Council listened to more ideas on Monday evening about how to stop drug use in the community. Bridgeport City Council listened to more ideas on Monday … National Dog Day was founded in 2004 and aims to recognize all dogs, especially …
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