G and G Holistic Drug Treatment: Why Choose Holistic Drug Treatment Centers?

Drug treatment centers are seeing that nowadays there presently are more and more people misusing prescription drugs in comparison with illegal narcotics. As fathers and mothers, we have been advised in nationwide commercials to hide our personal prescription drugs and as well to always keep these products away from our children’s grasp. Many press articles and other news media content refers to school shootings along with the relationship relating to violence and these prescription drugs. These same prescription drugs which are usually kept in a suitable locked box found in pharmacies, which in turn, we have been instructed to store far away from our adolescents and not to mention which claim could cause a laundry list of side-effects like panic, violence, seizures and in many cases suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

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Does Anyone Know of a Way to Get Drug Tx for Low to No Cost?

Question by jullian_sea: does anyone know of a way to get drug tx for low to no cost?
my brother does not have a job but is extremely addicted to drugs. he is willing to get help but cannot afford to. he lives in ohio if that helps

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Answer by ItIsWhatItIs
I live in Washington, but our state medical (it’s Medicaid in my state) will pay for Drug Treatment. There are some income guidelines but they are higher than the welfare limits if a person is seeking treatment for addiction.

Good luck to your brother.

Extreme Internet Addiction :-( …..?

Question by Sweet Boy 19: Extreme Internet Addiction 🙁 …..?
I have extreme internet addiction that I used to be online 24/7 browsing useless youtube videos, watching p0rn or checking my facebook and myspace account all time,watching movies and it even get’s worse as time goes on… I dunno what to do and my grades are dropping like hell ! and don’t even care about my school and academic work.

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Lawmakers face hundreds of bills, special session

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Ed Hernandez of West Covina pulled a proposed constitutional amendment that would have reintroduced affirmative action into the college admissions process. The amendment passed … AB2374, by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, R-Costa Mesa, would increase …
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Florida Prescription Drug Database Up and Running


Florida prescription drug database up and running – Dave Aronberg heads up the pill mill task force. He talks about the Florida’s prescription drug database.