Extreme Internet Addiction :-( …..?

Question by Sweet Boy 19: Extreme Internet Addiction 🙁 …..?
I have extreme internet addiction that I used to be online 24/7 browsing useless youtube videos, watching p0rn or checking my facebook and myspace account all time,watching movies and it even get’s worse as time goes on… I dunno what to do and my grades are dropping like hell ! and don’t even care about my school and academic work.

My computer is next to my room and as soon as start studying I become bored in just 10 mins of study and will open the internet to browse some useless things.It’s really worse when something hit’s your life so hard and for me it’s like smoking weed (so hard to quit computer addiction!).I browse internet for an average 5hrs/day and 8-9hrs on weekends:-

* I seldom go outside
* I like to be home browsing internet all time :-((
* My mom used to yell @ me a lot
* Grades has been dropping a lot since my school started
* No physical activities

When In the net I browse youtube videos,watch online movies,surf through blogs,check my facebook & myspace pages or even addicted to Yahoo answers!. It’s really annoying and sad to tell like this.

Can anyone gimme some solid ideas to get rid of my extreme internet addiction. I dunno why am i like this but I can’t.So freaking addictive. I’ll give 10 points for the most detailed and useful answer to stop my extreme Internet addiction.

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