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What Can I Expect From Court on MIP?

Question by Keith: What can I expect from court on MIP?
I was arrested last night for an MIP in Georgia. I wasn’t driving, I was in a bar. I have to appear in court on what happens to be my 21st birthday. What should I expect besides my fine? This is my first offense of any kind and will the penalties be less harsh because I will be 21 on my court date?

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Adolescent Substance Abuse.wmv – Adolescent Substance Abuse Images & Statistics.


Northern Nevada plans free needle program to curb spread of disease among

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CARSON CITY, Nevada — The statistics are shocking: Seventy percent of illegal-injection drug users will contract hepatitis C from the use of dirty needles. About 10 percent will acquire HIV. The lifetime cost of caring for a hepatitis patient is $ 500 …
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New coalition focuses on fighting alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse

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Does Cracking Down on Prescription Opiates Lead to More Heroin Use?

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The possibility of an increase in heroin use is particularly sobering when one considers that lately state and municipal leaders have been slashing budgets for drug treatment, medication-assisted treatment centers, and other methods of reducing addiction.
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What Help Is Available for Internet Addiction?

Question by NH Baritone: What help is available for internet addiction?
This is not gambling, porn, or anything other than web cruising and forums. Are there national organizations for internet addiction? Online meetings (the irony is not lost on me)? Other resources?

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Answer by prichardfinancial
You need to get yourself a healthy addiction like chewing tabacco or drinking boxed wine.

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Online Addiction Counseling via Skype – Talk to a Therapist Online – ONLINE ADDICTION COUNSELING THERAPY Online Mindfulness Therapy via Skype is a very convenient and highly effective way…

Interventions for Substance Abuse; Mental Health — Abstract Session 3


Interventions for Substance Abuse; Mental Health — Abstract Session 3 – Moderators’ introduction by Drs. David Vlahov and Elise Riley “Consumer Perspectives on Alcohol Use among HIV-positive African Americans” by Dr. E. Maxwell Davis “Creating a Model Prevention and Education Program for Young Adult Injection Drug Users (IDU)” by Pamela DeCarlo “Differences in Substance-related Risk Behavior between Dual and Triple Diagnosed Severely Mentally Ill Adults” by Dr. Michelle Hampton “Seeking Safety Group Therapy for Co-occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorder in HIV-positive Transgender Women: A Feasibility Study” by Susannah Empsom “Addressing Disparities and Social Stigma: Health Promotion with Crack Smokers” by Allison Kraus and Paul Harkin “Does Expressive Writing in Group Therapy Settings Decrease Symptoms of Depression in HIV-positive Minority Cohorts?” by Peter Marcus

Opiate Addiction Help

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Opioid Addiction Treatment: An Overview
Opioid Addiction Treatment: An Overview . Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) provide outpatient services appropriate daily dose of an opiate agonist or partial opiate agonist drug, either depending on their individual needs, and the goal of treatment is to help the individual … Read Full Source

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Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction
help your friend or loved one overcome this addiction? Medication-assisted treatment is one way to help those with opioid addiction recover their lives. … Get Document