heroin overdoses

Drug Addiction..?

Question by aangsumanc: Drug addiction..?
Have anyone here been addicted to drugs like heroine, myth etc..
what affects most out of it..

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Answer by Psychedelic Enlightenment III
I stear clear of herion. I have known people who have become hooked on H…it isnt pretty. It controls your life, everything yuo do revolves around it. If you dont get help you will end up in jail, dead, or back in rehab. Recovering adddicts cant even have one beer. It is like a snownball one beer leads to two..then on and on til your back to H. I have seen it

Data on Teenage Drug Abuse?

Question by Cembo: Data on teenage drug abuse?
I’m looking for data on teenage drug abuse. I was hoping there are some links i can use.
Thanks you 🙂

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Answer by Model Pilot
Here are some…you can get other years by searching “teen drug use statistics”

High School and Youth Trends | National Institute on Drug Abuse
Illicit Drug Use Illicit drug use among teenagers has been rising, … Past-year inhalant use by younger teens dropped significantly between 2010 and 2011, …

Drug Abuse Among Teenagers?

Question by James73402: Drug Abuse Among Teenagers?
Just need a little help with my speech,
If someone can give me some info or some good websites that would be awesome = )
Also statistics would be good

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Rehab Centers Addiction Treatment Center


Rehab Centers Addiction Treatment Center – Decision Point OutDoor Adventure Program. A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center.Call Toll Free 1.877.77.ADMIT www.decisipointcenter.com –Sent via http://hey…


Identity theft isn't just about credit cards — it's about health

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Last month, the Identity Theft Resource Center produced a survey showing that medical-related identity theft accounted for 43 percent of all identity thefts reported in the United States in 2013. That is a far greater … The definition of medical …
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Is a Drug Addiction All Mental??

Question by bksmyth1: Is a drug addiction all mental??
Is a drug addiction all in your head or is it real, because ive done pills and i wasnt addicted, ive done coke and i didnt become addicted and the same thing with cigarettes, i smoked them but i never became addicted.. can someone tell me..

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Answer by Blut et Aske
A real drug addiction is mostly/all physical (withdrawals). Anything can be habitual mentally. And yeah, if you don’t get addicted to alcohol you won’t get addicted to most drugs, because alcohol is very addictive to begin with.

What Stage of Research Is ALS In?

Question by Rose: What Stage of Research is ALS in?
I’m trying to learn about ALS. I know there’s no cure, and the must be dozens of research labs out there trying to find one. How far they to finding a cure, what stage of the research process are they at right now, and what have they found out already

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