effects of heroin

Drug Addiction..?

Question by aangsumanc: Drug addiction..?
Have anyone here been addicted to drugs like heroine, myth etc..
what affects most out of it..

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Answer by Psychedelic Enlightenment III
I stear clear of herion. I have known people who have become hooked on H…it isnt pretty. It controls your life, everything yuo do revolves around it. If you dont get help you will end up in jail, dead, or back in rehab. Recovering adddicts cant even have one beer. It is like a snownball one beer leads to two..then on and on til your back to H. I have seen it

What Is the Role of Drugs in Addiction Treatment?

Question by daphne p: What is the role of drugs in addiction treatment?
I’m just wondering what methadone is for, why it is needed for recovery.

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Answer by aya e
The drugs are able to help restore the brain functioning back to normal. They also relieve the patient of craving for heroin, and they suppress withdrawal symptoms. It also blocks the effects of heroin. The drugs make it easier for the patient to recover in a shorter amount of time, and prevents relapse as well.

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What Are the Adverse Side Effects of Taking Too Much Coricidin?

Question by Speshul Ed: What are the adverse side effects of taking too much Coricidin?

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Answer by moronsontheweb
You die

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A Day in the Death of Donny B. / Anti-Drug Docudrama / Music Video Enhanced


Effects of Methadone Clinics Methadone Maintenance

Methadone Dose And methadone maintenance Treatment
maintenance doses of methadone of 120mg blocked the effects of heroin for longer than 30mg and Magura S. et al. Program quality effects on patient outcomes during methadone maintenance: a study of 17 clinics. … Get Doc

800.232.4424 (Voice/TTY) 860.793.9813 (Fax) Methadone Treatment
Concluded that “methadone maintenance pays for itself on the day it is delivered, and post treatment effects are an economic bonus.” Reduction in Heroin Use: Studies of methadone … View Document

Butler County Drug & Alcohol Program Fact Sheet :Methadone
Methadone is a maintenance agent to assist with the physical effects of opiate addiction. Clinics are often depicted as only wanting to gain money from the clients. … Document Viewer

Effects of Methadone Clinics on Community

Methadone Clinics (BOH11036) (City Wide) SUBMITTED BY: mouth, and has fewer side effects than many opiates. Project has focused on training, community engagement to promote co-ordinated … Get Doc

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Effects of Lower-Cost Incentives on Stimulant Abstinence in Methadone Maintenance Treatment lant abstinence in community-based methadone main-tenance treatment clinics. … Fetch Document

What Is Methadone?
Does methadone have side-effects? Once a person’s dosage is stabilized, methadone is usually well tolerated. helps to connect the client with community treatment resources. What else should I know about methadone to make an Are doctors monitored who run methadone clinics? … View Full Source