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Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Question by prncessang228: signs of prescription drug abuse?
I have a 7 year old daughter that I was sharing joint custody of with my ex-husband up until 12-3
of this year.

on that date, my daughter came home stating her father had physically hit her on the back of the head (where she had 3 staples in to close up a cut she received after being pushed by a cousin at her uncle’s house on her dad’s side of the family) b/c he got angry at her for not sticking with a lie he had made up about her being sick so that I would come pick her up from his house instead of him having to take her to school. I currently have temporary full custody of my daughter due to an order of protection being passed. I also called CPS and filed a report.

Do You Know of Any Free Ebooks About Drugs, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Alcoholism,?

Question by Breezy: Do you know of any free ebooks about drugs, drug and alcohol treatment, alcoholism,?
I need read a book and do a review for a class about life, society and drugs. I would like an e-book so I can read it anywhere. I could also read one that costs no more than $ 10.
Have you read any good books that talk about drugs, or drug use or abuse?

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Define and Give Examples of the Following: Drug Abuse Addiction and Rehabilitation?

Question by : Define and give examples of the following: drug abuse addiction and rehabilitation?

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Answer by Captain Underpants
examples of drug abuse addiction and rehab could be amy winehouse

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Drug Addiction – Facts About Drug Addiction – Treatment for Drug Use and Drug Dependence Video.mp4 – Drug Addiction Facts.


California Heroin Addiction Statistics


California Heroin Addiction Statistics – Statistics for Heroin use in California. This video gives an estimate of the illicit heroin use in California by drug users both adult and adolescent.


I Have to Write a Paper on Drug Abuse by Teens.?

Question by : I have to write a paper on drug abuse by teens.?
In the paper i have to give advise to teenagers about how to say ‘no’ to drugs and how to deal with certain drug related situations.

Can anyone please give me situations and practical ways to deal with it and how to help someone that is using drugs?
(the solution can’t be rehab or therapy)

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Answer by Alison

Is My Workout Plan Ok? PLEASE HELP!?

Question by Philllll: Is my workout plan ok? PLEASE HELP!?
I am 19, 5’8 172lbs, going to the gym 3 times a week working triceps, biceps, chest, back, abs, shoulders, and occasionally legs. I take creatine before workouts and on non workout days, and whey protein after workouts and on non workout days. I take in more calories then i used to, and have gained a few pounds because of it. I do not, however, take in the reccommended amount for my age, but does this matter since im taking in more than i used to? Will i get bigger by using this plan?
All i eat is wheat bread, bananas, yogurt, tuna, chicken, macoroni, fruit, a few vegetables but not as much as fruit, and alot of oatmeal products and granola products. also alot of milk