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Is There a Drug Treatment Center for 11yr Old Boys?

Question by : is there a drug treatment center for 11yr old boys?
I live in bakersfield CA.

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Answer by John
any drug center will treat an 11 yr old boy. They do not discriminate people because of age.

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Is There Such Thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?

Question by bradpast: Is there such thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?
My friend called me after spending a week and a half in a drug treatment center and he tells me that he is out for the weekend. He says they gave him a ‘Weekend Pass’ for having a month of sobriety, when I know for sure that he was using right before he left for the center… Trust him???

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Answer by Ron
I’m a recovered alcoholic who went into a drug/alcohol rehab centre in 2006, first of all alcoholics and drug addicts are the world’s best liars, and I think it’s extremely unlikely.

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What Sort of Behaviour Patterns Can Indicate Problems Such as Substance Abuse?

Question by Gem Lou: What sort of behaviour patterns can indicate problems such as substance abuse?
Any links to relevant web sites would be gratefully received. Can I just point out this is for education studies not anybody I know or myself, Many thanks
This is aimed at primary primary and high school children, thanks

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Answer by Shaunda W
Family: deteriorating relationships with family; behavior changes, such as withdrawal or hostility

School: truancy; drop in grades; behavior problems

Social life: deteriorating relationships with old friends; developing a network of friends who are using alcohol or other drugs; loss of interest in sports or other favorite activities

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Whats the Address and Phone to the Drug Treatment Center in Butte Montana?

Question by cosbyfamilytradition: Whats the address and phone to the Drug treatment center in Butte montana?

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Answer by rstonecousley
Go to yahoo yellow pages (yp.yahoo.com) type in drug treatment and take your pick.

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