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How Will I Get to Find Drug Rehabs in Campo, California?

Question by amaris a: How will I get to find drug rehabs in Campo, California?
I would like to do this because I would like to know more about various drug addictions. I’m also considering a career in addiction counseling.

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Answer by druid
<>Here’s a couple in the area:
Training Center
(619) 327-5400
525 Grand Ave
Spring Valley

House Of Metamorphosis
(619) 236-9492
2970 Market St
San Diego

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I Wish to Find Drug Rehabs in Navasota, Texas. How?

Question by anna lc: I wish to find drug rehabs in Navasota, Texas. How?
I want to do this for a friend of mine who has just recently admitted to herself that she has a problem with her drug intake. I would like to help her even if only by finding a drug rehab for her so that she can get herself treated for her addiction.

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Are There Low-Cost Drug Rehab Programs in Shelbyville, Tennessee?

Question by cali r: Are there low-cost drug rehab programs in Shelbyville, Tennessee?
We’re really low on cash at the moment, but we really need to get my son into a rehab. I don’t know where I’m going to get the money if we can’t get a discount. Can anyone please give me information on low-cost treatment programs in our vicinity?

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Answer by alliyah ld
I’m not sure which drug rehabs are low-cost, but I did send you links that may help you. You can apply for a grant from the government. You can also inquire at various drug rehabs to see if they will be willing to give you a discount or let you pay off the bill at a later date. Good luck.

I Would Like to Know How to Find Drug Rehabs in Decatur, Texas.?

Question by arlyn h: I would like to know how to find drug rehabs in Decatur, Texas.?
I’m doing a research on various drug addictions and I just want to know more about the treatment programs available for these.

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Answer by abbie f
To find drug rehabilitation centers, simply use the links that I have provided below. You can also look through the local phone directory or contact your local health services department and ask them for a list of drug rehabs in the place you have specified. I hope you get the information you need. Good luck!

I Would Like to Find Drug Rehabs in Lampasas, Texas. Can Anybody Please Give Me Suggestions as to How?

Question by clare 3xr: I would like to find drug rehabs in Lampasas, Texas. Can anybody please give me suggestions as to how?
I’m doing a research regarding various drug addictions and I would like to get information from drug rehabs. Problem is, I don’t know how to find them.

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Answer by alani ts
Finding drug rehabs is really easy. The links below will surely get to help you out. You can also call a helpline such as 800-559-9503. The people on the other end of the line are really friendly and would gladly answer your questions as well as tell you information regarding drug rehabs in the place you have specified. I do hope that you get all the information you need. Good luck!

Where Is a Good Drug Rehab in America?

Question by sexxy_thang24: Where is a good drug rehab in america?
What is the name and do they have a website?
I have gotten alot of feed back on my other questions thank make me think about how mest up my life is. I realise that my upbringing was the reason for some of it but using drugs, alcohol and having sex with someone new every night just to find a place to sleep its scary you know, most of these guys I didnt even know there names.
So I want to turn my life straight.
p.s. I need all the support i can get.
personally i would really like to thank all the people who were brutally honest in my questions and you were the only people that told me the truth everyone around me told me I had the best live you could ask for. Im just sorry I believed it for so long.
Thanks again
Im from California