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Drug Intervention Help: Getting Your Young Adult Into Treatment


Drug Intervention Help: Getting your Young Adult into Treatment – http://www.newroadstreatment.com/contact-us.php Drug Intervention Help Most young adults struggling with addiction don’t think they have a problem, so they r…


Regional Drug Court Creates Path for Sobriety

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While the drug court helps those facing a variety of substance abuse problems, “nothing is cheaper than heroin,” said Justice Kooperstein. “Most of the people we have right now are heroin addicts,” she said. “It's a real struggle.” Justice Kooperstein …
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Has Anyone Been to a Drug Intervention?

Question by janie b: Has anyone been to a drug intervention?
I was asked to be part of a drug intervention. My best friends husband is addicted to oxycontin. I was wondering if anyone has any experience writing an intervention letter. I would appreciate any input.

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Answer by Eric F
I dont but im a drug addict (recovered at this point). that sucks. I would emphasize that its ultimately his decision but that he has to choose it to keep his family and friends. Try not to judge him for it as he will be defensive already. Just mention a time when he wasnt high that you really enjoyed his company. Good luck to him and to your best friend.

Addiction Treatment Centers


Addiction Treatment Centers – http://www.ripplerecovery.com Ripple Recovery Ranch is a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of substance ab…


Feb. 4, 2014 1:19 pm

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Pathways' SSVF program will assist veterans in finding and maintaining housing, benefits, and other supportive services including mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Funding for this program is through the U.S. Department of Veteran …
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Actor's death puts spotlight on heroin addiction

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How Can Drug Intervention Help an Addict?

Question by darby p: How can drug intervention help an addict?
What happens in an intervention and how does this affect the addict? I’ve been hearing about this, but I don’t really know how it goes.

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Answer by cailey n
An intervention is a process specially done to help someone who is substance dependent to realize what he is doing and help him recover from his addiction. This is done so that he could learn to accept treatment. Interventions can be done by family members along with close friends, but there are times wherein an intervention specialist is called on to facilitate the proceedings because an expert will be more adept at handling cases of substance abuse.

What Is the Role of a Drug Intervention Specialist?

Question by ashtyn s: What is the role of a drug intervention specialist?
Why are drug interventions done when the person can just undergo addiction treatment?

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Answer by darla n
The role of a drug intervention specialist is to facilitate a drug intervention for the drug dependent and his loved ones. An intervention specialist can also take charge of doing programs that will tackle issues about drug abuse in order for people, especially teenagers, to shy away from using drugs.

Drug interventions are done precisely to get the individual undergo addiction treatment.

I’ve Been Searching for a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Douglaston, New York, Can You Help Me?

Question by cheyanne lw: I’ve been searching for a drug rehabilitation center in Douglaston, New York, can you help me?
My classmates and I are planning to put up a school club against drug addiction here in New York. We want our first project to be an information campaign about drug interventions and substance treatment programs. Currently, we’re looking for a rehabilitation center which can provide us with some of the info that we need.

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Answer by Niki
This link is a list of all rehab centers in New York. There is one in Douglaston, and many nearby.