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How Can I Help a Friend With Drug Addiction Get Help? – Betty Ford Center Q&A


How can I help a friend with drug addiction get help? – Betty Ford Center Q&A – Dr. James West, former medical director of the Betty Ford Center, discusses options for people experiencing drug addiction.


Does Drug Treatment Programs Include Activities or Lectures Regarding Family Issues?

Question by Fatima: Does drug treatment programs include activities or lectures regarding family issues?
My brother Jeff checked into a drug rehab a week ago and I miss him. He says that he’s doing just fine and that he’s enjoying the activities and the lectures included in the program. I think he’s in for a fast recovery. Before entering rehab, he had a rift with our dad. They had a fight about his addiction with marijuana. There were shouting and blaming all over the place that the only thing that my mom managed to do is cry. I was wondering if the rehab provides lectures or discussions about rebuilding relationships with family members. I’m wishing for a reconciliation between Jeff and dad.

Betty Ford Center YouTube Ad


Betty Ford Center YouTube Ad – The non-profit Betty Ford Center is an Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction Treatment hospital located in the luxurious resort community of Rancho Mirage, Ca…


Elizabeth Turner

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Her daughter was known for her beauty, and would spend hours on her hair, makeup and clothing, taking joy in helping others pick out fashionable outfits, Turner said. Fighting inner demons. Underneath her beauty and charm lay an illness, family members …
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What Are the Best Top 10 Drug Rehab Centers in the Wold?

Question by Yqp: what are the best top 10 drug rehab centers in the wold?
i am looking for a drug rehab center to check my brother into. it doesnt matter which country or city, i will fly him there. there is no good rehab centers in my country. i have searched online and most of the top ten rehab centers are celebrity centers or very very expensive with luxury treatment(example, top chefs, huge luxury rooms, etc). i am looking for the best treatment with fair price for in house treatment.
i am looking to treat smoking weed and hashish with a history of using cocaine(he over dosed in 2010 and almost died, so he only smokes now)

Treatment Centers in MN 888) 978 4179


Treatment Centers in MN 888) 978 4179


Betty Ford Center's mission to grow with merger

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That vision is now being rewritten as the world-renowned drug and alcohol addiction treatment center merges with the Hazelden Foundation, a much larger program in Minnesota that's built its reputation by expanding into multiple states. The new Hazelden …
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No easy solution for synthetic drug problem

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Eating Disorders and Cross Addiction | Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women


Eating Disorders and Cross Addiction | Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women – Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is nationally recognized as the premier Women’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Fa…


Our Voice: Betty Ford, Hazelden merger a good step

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A. Thomas McLellan, CEO and co-founder of the Treatment Research Institute and a member of the Betty Ford Center board, said this change “will have more far-reaching positive consequences for substance abuse treatment than anything in my lifetime, …
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