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I Have to Write a Paper on Drug Abuse by Teens.?

Question by : I have to write a paper on drug abuse by teens.?
In the paper i have to give advise to teenagers about how to say ‘no’ to drugs and how to deal with certain drug related situations.

Can anyone please give me situations and practical ways to deal with it and how to help someone that is using drugs?
(the solution can’t be rehab or therapy)

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Answer by Alison


Question by meeeee09: DRUG ABUSE IN THE FAMILY. HELP!?
My husbands mother was once addicted to several types of drugs…sleep aids and muscle relaxers. and some others, not sure all. she was a different person then the person we know and love.

We tried and tried to help her. she went through rehab a few times. she was finally becoming her normal self again. happy and aware of things. not always asleep. e lived in GA and she lives in WV…I would talk to her on the phone and I could tell she was doing very well!

Why Is Everybody So Afraid of Drugs? Alcohol Is the Most Abused Drug.?

Question by Cricket Cook Fibromialgia: Why is everybody so afraid of drugs? Alcohol is the most abused drug.?

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Answer by louy lefty
My surgeon does Drugs

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Dr. Kevin Mccauley Meth and Other Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Dr. McCauley uses hard, scientific facts as he talks about the neurobiology behind addiction.


Effective treatment for drug abuse builds better communities

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Tamara: Aboriginals and Substance Abuse


Tamara: Aboriginals and Substance Abuse – Tamara is an Aboriginal Canadian who grew up in Winnipeg. Born into a family struggling with alcoholism, Tamara was raised in a series of foster homes. As a …


Protecting unborn babies from alcohol-related harm

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Alcohol and drug abuse during pregnancy can harm babies. It can also cause miscarriage, preterm birth, and stillbirth. If an unborn baby is exposed to alcohol it can be affected for life. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the umbrella term for …
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What Are Reasons for Drug Abuse/ Alcohol Abuse?

Question by : What are reasons for drug abuse/ alcohol abuse?
And what are symptoms of people who abuse drugs and alcohol? thank youuu!

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Answer by Aku-Haru
There are a lot of reasons…….bad home life, boredom, curiosity, peer pressure, unhappiness, enjoyment, etc. And signs? Uhm…..If its abused you can basically tell =.=

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Standing up to substance abuse

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#4 Discover the 22 Crucial Signs of Drug Use in People Around You!


#4 Discover the 22 Crucial Signs of Drug Use in People Around You! – you wondered if there is drug use in people around you. Watch this video to find out the 22 critical signs of drug use in …


Badvertising: Doctors Horrified by Coca-Cola's New Ads Mocking Cocaine

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According to the health department, 6 out of 10 people who die from a drug overdose in New York City show signs of recent cocaine use. “It is obviously going to get attention, that is what is meant to do,” Dr. Washton said. Judging by social media, he …
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