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Differentiate Drug Abuse From Dependence?

Question by : Differentiate Drug Abuse From Dependence?

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Answer by Camo
Drug abuse is taking more than you need to get high.
Dependence is doing it the next day against reason. The drug tells you to.

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WAKE UP! Campaign Against Teen Prescription Drug Abuse – Illegal street drugs get a lot of attention, but over the past ten years, abuse of prescription drugs has become a growing problem, especially among teenager…


Duluth's drug problem endures

Where Can I Find Stories of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs?

Question by Kelsey: Where can I find stories of teens abusing prescription drugs?
Need it for a school report. Thanks!

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Answer by lynzzzzzzzzzz
What’s Driving Teens to Abuse Prescription Drugs?

Teens and substance abuse experts say that there are many different reasons for the rise in prescription drug mis-use and abuse by young people. Teens point to personal or family-related stress as a major reason why they mis-use or abuse prescription drugs.
Teens turn to Internet for prescription drugs
94 percent of Web sites don’t require a doctor’s note, study finds

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New Sponsors facility to help mothers returning from prison

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The program also provides parenting classes, group therapy and drug treatment, and space for outside groups to provide services for the women and children residing there. Construction on the 3,200-square-foot house began in August and was completed …
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Teen Prescription Drugs!!! Opinions?

Question by ggfhg: Teen Prescription Drugs!!! opinions?
Please leave opinions and thoughts of prescription drugs. Is it really helping or hurting teens with ADHD,ADD,Anxiety ,depression, bi-polar, manic depression…ect.

Abuse of prescription drugs (addiction)
Responsibility(DR. vs. PARENT)
Advertisement of teen prescription drugs
Business…pharmaceutical company influence

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Answer by With her head in the clouds
In some situations certain drugs are needed to alleviate symptoms but I think with psychiatric disorders it is best to try to help them handle it as well as possible using other interventions. Teaching them coping strategies and psychological therapies like counselling. That way the dose is less and therefore the sufferers rely on it less.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers | Heroin Rehab Centers


Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers | Heroin Rehab Centers – http://rehabilitationcentersinillinois.net Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers treats dependency to alcohol, marijuana, prescribed drugs, and more through de…


Home News Ford to focus on accomplishments in mayoral…

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On Nov. 5, Mayor Ford admitted he had indeed smoked crack cocaine, in one of his “drunken stupors.” But he made it clear later he wouldn't step down and wouldn't answer questions as to whether he would get help for possible addiction issues. Council …
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Phoenix14News: Prescription Drug Abuse Common Among College Students


Phoenix14News: Prescription drug abuse common among college students – Reporter Steve Roth looked into the abuse of prescription drugs among college students.


Letter – Prescription abuse: State needs drug database

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Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in the United States, Missouri and southwest Missouri. According to the Prescription Nation Report by the National Safety Council, prescription drug overdose has now surpassed traffic crashes as the leading …
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Gilbert Treatment Center Launches Program to Stop Prescription Drug Abuse