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Alcohol Treatment West Palm


Alcohol Treatment West Palm – As seen on a&e’s Intervention… A dignified and compassionate Drug Detox center in West Palm Beach. Alcohol Detox, Xanax Detox, Heroin Detox, Opiate Detox, …


Lawmakers face hundreds of bills, special session

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Ed Hernandez of West Covina pulled a proposed constitutional amendment that would have reintroduced affirmative action into the college admissions process. The amendment passed … AB2374, by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, R-Costa Mesa, would increase …
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Heroin Detox Centers in North Carolina(6)


Heroin Detox Centers in North Carolina(6) – http://heroindetox.net/heroin-detox-centers-in-north-carolina/ The particular guidance together with the counselor associated with Heroin Detox Centers in No…


NJ Heroin Detox Center


NJ Heroin Detox Center – http://alcoholdetoxcenter.com/ -The Detox Center it is our mission to give you one of the most comfortable and seamless detox possible.The Detox Center makes…


Heroin Detox Day 1 Quitting Cold Turkey


Heroin Detox Day 1 Quitting Cold Turkey – drug “free drug rehab” “teen drug rehab” “holistic drug rehab” “drug rehab programs” “drug addiction rehab” “inpatient drug rehab” “drug rehab treatment” “dr…


Rehab facility opens in Mandaue

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Healing. “We believe that substance abuse treatment is about hope and healing, about helping drug and alcohol dependents and their loved ones rediscover life as it ought to be lived,” said 180 Degrees in a statement. “Our mission is to help clients …
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Heroin Detox Centers in North Carolina(2)


Heroin Detox Centers in North Carolina(2) – http://heroindetox.net/heroin-detox-centers-in-north-carolina/ The Natural Heroin Detox and Rapid Detox- produce actual dependencies because of the heroin dr…


Canada's first overall NBA draft pick Anthony Bennett welcomed by Cavaliers

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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – Anthony Bennett's path to the NBA began on a couple of basketball courts in north Toronto's hardscrabble neighbourhood of Jane and Finch, and was paved by a mom who takes hard work to an entirely different level. The 20-year-old …
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I Want to Work in a Addiction Treatment Center?

Question by Mark S: I want to work in a addiction treatment center?
I only have a GED what must I do to get a job at a treatment center for drugs and alcohol. I was an addict and now have 12 years clean and want to work as an addiction concealer doing classes and give assessments so I need collage but don’t know what courses to take here in washington state

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Answer by Steve
I believe there is a certificate program for drug and alcohol counseling. Make an appointment with a counselor at a local community college and get info on the track you need to take.