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Do the Signs of Being Sexually Abused as a Baby Show Up Later in Life?

Question by Libby: Do the signs of being sexually abused as a baby show up later in life?
What I mean by this is….if you were sexually abused as a baby would you show emotional signs of abuse when you are older? And what would they be?

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How Difficult Is It to Quit Drug and Cure Drug Addiction Problem?

Question by Lily_1981: How difficult is it to quit drug and cure drug addiction problem?
My brother had drug problem for at least 10+ years. He used the heavy stuff like cocaine and other stuff I don’t even know of.
The doctor gave him medication to clean his system, and he has been sober for 2 years.
Is it possible for somebody to cure their heavy drug addiction problem in short 2 years? What’s the odd that my brother’s problem is cured?

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Substance Abuse?

Question by sendzik04: substance abuse?
Can someone please tell me why substance abuse happens

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Answer by Pookeygirl
There are many factors contributing to substance abuse. Genetic predisposition is one. If your parents were addicts, you are at higher risk.
Chemical imbalance in the brain can cause addiction. Problems with serotonin and other neurotransmitters can make a person have an addictive personality.
Peer pressure and trying to fit in with others is a contributing factor.
Ethnic background or religious beliefs in the way a person is raised.
Environment plays a role in addiction. Poverty is a common reason for some people to abuse substances.
Life experiences can cause a person to turn to substances. Someone who has had a lot of bad problems and can’t cope.
Social anxiety can cause a person to abuse substances so they are more comfortable around others.
There are probably more, but above are a few. Hope this helps

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

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