drug use in prison

Drug Addicts in Prison

Drug Addicts In Prison

Suffolk County Grand Jury Addresses Prescription Painkiller Abuse
The panel has offered several solutions and recommendations to address the epidemic after hearing testimony from 38 witnesses and considering 123 exhibits. … Read News

Drug Abuse, Treatment, And Probationer Recidivism
Drug abuse is prevalent among probationers in the State of Illinois. In total, 64% of the who successfully completed the program were significantly less likely to be sentenced to prison … Read More

3.2 Figure 8 shows that of those notified in 2008, the largest number (53) were notified by Drug Addiction Units. Nine individuals were notified by the Prison Medical service, whilst GPs reported 7 new notifications (Table 7). 3.3 The highest number of new addicts were notified from within the … Access Document