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11 30 2003 Lawrence Taylor


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Alcohol Rehab Detox _ 877-648-1344 _ Alcoholism Intervention Counseling


Alcohol Rehab Detox _ 877-648-1344 _ Alcoholism Intervention Counseling – drug “free drug rehab” “teen drug rehab” “holistic drug rehab” “drug rehab programs” “drug addiction rehab” “inpatient drug rehab” “drug rehab treatment” “dr…


Is There Such Thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?

Question by bradpast: Is there such thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?
My friend called me after spending a week and a half in a drug treatment center and he tells me that he is out for the weekend. He says they gave him a ‘Weekend Pass’ for having a month of sobriety, when I know for sure that he was using right before he left for the center… Trust him???

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Answer by Ron
I’m a recovered alcoholic who went into a drug/alcohol rehab centre in 2006, first of all alcoholics and drug addicts are the world’s best liars, and I think it’s extremely unlikely.

Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by MrSandman: Drug rehab programs?
Can you tell me if drug rehab programs are successful in the UK and what is the cost per week to the taxpayer or addict to receive treatment? I understand that the costs might be astronomical and unaffordable for your average person suffering from a drug addiction.

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Answer by Javaris
dude fukk rehab..keep smokin dat shizz

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Are There Low-Cost Drug Rehab Programs in Shelbyville, Tennessee?

Question by cali r: Are there low-cost drug rehab programs in Shelbyville, Tennessee?
We’re really low on cash at the moment, but we really need to get my son into a rehab. I don’t know where I’m going to get the money if we can’t get a discount. Can anyone please give me information on low-cost treatment programs in our vicinity?

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Answer by alliyah ld
I’m not sure which drug rehabs are low-cost, but I did send you links that may help you. You can apply for a grant from the government. You can also inquire at various drug rehabs to see if they will be willing to give you a discount or let you pay off the bill at a later date. Good luck.

Where Can I Look Up Drug Rehab Programs in Virginia?

Question by capoeirakid: Where can I look up drug rehab programs in Virginia?
Okay, so my mom and her friend are starting a lfe coaching business. I’m going to help them by finding programs such as rehabs, support groups, charities, etc. for their clients. Right now, I’m helping them look for a rehab for this one kid who we think might potentially become a client and he’s addicted to marijuana. He’s looking for a rehab program that can help him. In order for the place to be able to help him, the place needs to be something like this:
1. He’s 17, so it needs to be a rehab for kids or kids and adults.
2. He has a felony charge and they’re appealing the charge, but they can’t do anything more about that until a few months from now, so it needs to accept kids with felony charges.
3. Preferably, it should be a live-in rehab.
4. A place with a lot of rules and structure would be best for this kid.
5. It would be best if the rehab is in or near Northern Virginia.
All of this is based on info my mom gave me about the kid. Don’t worry, I don’t know his name or anything like that. I was hoping that there’s a website or something where I can look up rehab programs by key words or something like that. Also, if you know of a rehab that will be good for him, please tell me. Thanks!
To buds: Do you know if Crosby Centers has a location in/near NoVa?
Does Crosby Centers accept people with felony charges?
Does Crosby Centers accept kids?
I looked for this info on the website, but I couldn’t find it.