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Teen Caught Using Prescription Drugs – What Would You Do?

Question by Jill G: Teen caught using prescription drugs – what would you do?
I am hoping some people who have had kids do this – or kids who did this and now do not use drugs – help me.

Last week, we discovered that our 17 year old son was using multiple prescription drugs (Vicodin, Ambien, Lunesta, Adderall, Ritalin).

He bought them from a girl at school.

We feel like our world is coming to an end. We love our son, but fear addiction could make his life awful.

Any ideas on what we should do now?

Rand Paul Responds to Statement on Eastern Kentucky Drug Problem – Marcus Conroy Reports


Rand Paul Responds to statement on eastern Kentucky drug problem – Marcus Conroy Reports – Rand Paul Responds to statement on eastern Kentucky drug problem – Marcus Conroy Reports.


Are These Drugs Prescribable in the Philippines? for 10 Points?

Question by chielala: are these drugs prescribable in the Philippines? for 10 points?
1) acyclovir zovirax
2) bisacodyl dulcolax
3) ranitidine zantac-75

and what are the brand names for cefuroxime sodium here in the philippines? thank you!

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Answer by Andy Kaufmans Ghost
I don’t know but i do know you need some help with your Drug problems.
Have you thought about trying AA or NA?

You know the first step is to stop lying to yourself & admitting that your powerless to your addiction.

now where is my 10 points at?

“Tenk you veddy much”

Mass Appeal Helping Families Cope With Addiction


Mass Appeal Helping families cope with addiction – AdCare Hospital has committed itself to helping individuals and their families cope with addiction one life at a time.


Better approach sought for inmates with addictions, mental illness

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Both are well aware of a recent county study that found more than 90 percent of the jail's most frequent visitors have high rates of mental illness or addiction and, in nearly half of those cases, both.
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Possible Drug Addiction?

Question by S. Nicole: Possible drug addiction?
I take a medicine for my anxiety as needed and I literally rely on it. It makes me tired so it’s good for making me sleep and making me just chill. I’d take it everyday if I could. Is it an addiction?

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Answer by West
Not really an addict but basically the samething its a dependancy i know what u mean tho i hate anxiety try to get off pills if u can n learn to conquer it of get a prescription for med marijuana if legal in your state and maybe get thc pills so theres no side effects other than hungry happy sleepy lol but thc does wonders for anxiety

Are There Any Available Addiction Treatment Programs in Iowa?

Question by lito lapid: Are there any available addiction treatment programs in Iowa?
We were given an assignment about people who are addicted to drugs. I’m really interested in the assignment and I figured that it will be better if I conduct interviews to make my paper really authentic. I’m planning to interview people who are currently receiving treatment because I want to know the reasons why they decided to get some help. Interviews with the therapists and the counselors won’t hurt either. Please help. Thanks.

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