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Make the Connection: Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment and Recovery


Make the Connection: Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment and Recovery – This video is aimed at parents and others concerned about adolescents who have problems with substance abuse. The film describes adolescent addiction and tre…


Calendar for Thursday, Aprill 11

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Parents' Weekend at Texas A&M University begins Friday and will last through Sunday. Some of the events on Friday include the Annual Spring Concert from 7:30 to 9:30 … Tax help, 2 to 5 p.m. AARP tax volunteers will help those with low to medium …
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How to Support Addicted Family Member


How to support addicted family member – My New Life Treatment Center 90 day outpatient drug and alcohol recovery center (818) 519-5940 www.mynewlifeprogram.com.


Jeff Seidel: full circle

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How drug addiction has a profound effect on an entire family, changing everyone. This issue has touched countless people. But Hunter had to deal with something that most families don't. He's rich beyond belief. Hunter has made more than $ 134 million in …
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Can an 18 Year Old Convicted as a Youthful Offender Own a Gun and Vote?

Question by jbramm636: Can an 18 year old convicted as a Youthful Offender own a gun and vote?
My roommate was convicted of a drug related felony (Florida) when he was 18 or 19 (he was definitely of age), but they sentenced him as a youthful offender. Can he buy a handgun, and can he vote? Also I have several guns, can he have one of them in his room?

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Answer by insane draggin
No he cannot own or be around guns since it was considered a felony. He could go back to prison for a long time.