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Where in Florida Can I Send My Sister to Get Drug Addiction Rehab?

Question by Netty: Where in Florida can I send my sister to get drug addiction rehab?
My sister who is 45 needs help with alcohol and opiate addiction. Does anyone know a good high-end place that she can get inpatient and/or outpatient care?

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Answer by Naguru
De-addiction centers are attached to all Public Health Offices these days.

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Opiate Detox at Home

Images of Opiate Detox At Home

MHNet Behavioral Health
Withdrawal from an opiate, in and of itself, is not life threatening. However, opiate withdrawal is quite painful and medication given to a responsible caretaker for administration at home. Psychosis and agitation associated with hallucinogens may require parenteral … Retrieve Full Source

Images of Opiate Detox At Home

Procedure For Community Detoxification Using Title Prescribed …
Dependent clients, opiate-dependent clients using combinations of heroin and illicit methadone Home detox practitioner will visit the client at home and the OWS is completed. … Fetch This Document