Opiate Detoxification

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Opiate Detoxification in Jails Fiscella2005 Survey 500 jails; 245 responded Low response rates for small jails 56% assess for opiates 59% use standardized detox protocols … Content Retrieval

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Maas U, Rattner E, Weingart-Jesse B, Schafer A, Obladen M. Infrequent neonatal opiate withdrawal following maternal methadone detoxification during pregnancy. … Fetch Here

Notification Of Intent To Use Schedule III, IV, Or V Opioid …
Notification of Intent to Use Schedule III, IV, or V Opioid Drugs for the Maintenance and Detoxification Treatment of Opiate Addiction, SMA-167 … Read Here

Corporate Medical Policy
Ultra-rapid detoxification is used in conjunction with maintenance treatments e.g., oral opioid antagonists and psychosocial support. The traditional treatment of opioid addiction involves substituting the opiate, such as heroin, with an … Fetch Doc

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The ADRC uses buprenorphine in the form of Subutex in the inpatient setting for treatment of opiate-dependent patients and Suboxone only in the outpatient setting. Methadone is used for opiate detoxification and withdrawals in the inpatient setting only. … Access Doc

Clinical Protocols For Detoxification
Clinical Protocols for Detoxification in Hospitals and Detoxification Facilities (2002) 3-9 Patients Who are not Suitable for Detoxification Pregnant opiate-using women should not usually be offered detoxification because … Read Here

Lapse And Relapse Following Inpatient Treatment Of Opiate
In order to reduce relapse and the associated increased risk of fatal overdose, services providing residential opiate detoxification should prepare people for admission, strive to retain them in treatment for the full admission period and actively support their entry into planned aftercare in order to … Read Here

Clinical Detoxification Protocols
NET is no more effective than use of a placebo in opiate and cocaine detoxification (Gariti et al., 1992). NET is therefore not recommended. Withdrawal From Benzodiazepines and Other Sedative-Hypnotics … Return Document

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Albanese AP, Gevirtz C, Oppenheim B, Field JM, Abels I, Eustace J. Outcome and six month follow up of patients after ultra rapid opiate detoxification (UROD). … Read Content

Four major categories of opiate detoxification . detoxification using opiate agonists, detoxification using nonopioid medications, rapid and ultrarapid detoxification, … Fetch Full Source

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Patient is opioid free (negative urine drug screen or naltrexone challenge test within the last 10 days) ? Note: Physician must have reviewed the Controlled Substance Database within the past 30 days to ensure that concomitant narcotic use is not occurring. Agents for Opiate Detoxification ReVia® NP See … Access Full Source

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Discomfort of opiate detoxification; Vomiting, diarrhea, irritability; Drug seeking behavior, smuggling, trading; Pain complaints, dental crisis , falls, jumpers … Read Here